Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Caleb ARCHBOLD - Final Publish

WALT: Write an effective argument for our chosen political party.
Limit rent increases to once per year.Landlords can only put up rent once per year.
This is good because it will save you money. You will have more money to pay other bills and buy other things you need.You will have more chance of staying in your house because you will be able to pay your rent.

Encourage young people to get involved in climate change activities. THis means that young people need to talk about climate change and how they can help stop/change it. Because this will help them make a positive difference in the world and help the world fight climate change This will help make sure that the future turns out great for future generations.

Offer cash grants to selected young people to start new businesses Giving money to young people to start a businesses We would have a lot more businesses It would help people get a lot more money

My next steps are: to improve on my writing  

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Use coordinates and the language of direction.

In Maths we have been using to: Use a coordinate system or the language of distance and direction to specify locations and describe paths.

Here is a link to our online modelling book. This shows all of the learning we have been doing.

EVIDENCE of my learning.

Here are some screenshots to show the IXL activities I have completed.

You can find evidence of my extended abstract problem solving tasks in my Maths Book.
The Figure it out activities that I completed were  called:
  • Going the distance
  • Clara’s Cowpats

My next step is to continue to apply what I have learned in a range of problem solving activities.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Careers Education C.V. Writing

In CAREERS EDUCATION we have been learning to write a skills based Curriculum Vitae.

A skills based C.V. focuses more on the skills that we have,  rather than our work history.

Here is a link to our online Modelling Book that shows the process we have followed.

Three things that I have learned about writing a Curriculum Vitae are:

  1. Its difficult because you need detail

  1. You have to have to have correct punctuation otherwise your c.v. will go in the bin.

  1. No pictures, colourful text. just simple, bland and clear to read

Monday, 20 March 2017

no equipment blog post

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.32.06 PM.png
The table below shows my understanding of games with minimal or no equipment.
(Fill this table in, in as much detail as possible. )

Examples of Games that need minimal or no equipment.
What equipment would we usually need to play these games.  
Why do we play games with minimal or no equipment?
tag invisabel touch tricky tagconesbecause it to save equipment

My Strengths.  
Some things that I have done well during this unit of learning are games with no equipment because it something we need to know

My Next Steps.

Some things I could improve on when playing games with minimal or no equipment are figerout  the games I am playing Because when im playing a game i need to know it rules

my leadership post

In writing I have been learning to use basic punctuation that is mostly correct;
- use capital letters, full stops and commas,
- use question marks and exclamation marks,
- use apostrophes,
- use speech marks

I have been especially focussing on using exclamation marks and commas. I have highlighted these in green where I have used them as well as other punctuation that I changed because it was used incorrectly. Here is a piece of my writing that shows this.

leadership is a skill of being able to motivate people team's to work towards a goal. there are 6 traits of an effective leader...